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At Vasque, they believe that life is short and the trail is long. Therefore, it's best to keep your eyes firmly focused on the trail ahead, and keep moving forward.

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Vasque  - Breeze 111 GTX

Breeze 111 GTX

Style 7190

Our Price: $179.99

Vasque Brown Olive Bungee Cord
Vasque  - Laplander UltraDry

Laplander UltraDry

Style 7855

Our Price: $159.95

Vasque Anthracite/bone White Abw
Vasque  - Snowburban II Ultradry

Snowburban II Ultradry

Style 7808

Our Price: $149.99

Original Price: $159.99


Vasque Brown Olive/aluminum
Vasque  - Talus All-Terrain Mid UltraDry

Talus All-Terrain Mid UltraDry

Style 7368

Our Price: $144.99

Original Price: $149.99


Vasque Dk Earth/avacado
Vasque  - Women's Mantra 2.0 GTX - Wide Sizes

Women's Mantra 2.0 GTX - Wide Sizes

Style 7071W

Our Price: $139.99

Original Price: $150.00


Vasque Canteen/orange Peel
Vasque  - Women's Talus All-Terrain Low UltraDry

Women's Talus All-Terrain Low UltraDry

Style 7369

Our Price: $134.99

Original Price: $139.95


Vasque Dark Shale Buffalo
Vasque  - Women's Talus All-Terrain Mid UltraDry

Women's Talus All-Terrain Mid UltraDry

Style 7387

Our Price: $144.99

Original Price: $149.95


Vasque Brindle/baltic Brb


Vasque from Famous BrandsVasque was conceived in 1965 after, in the early 1960s, The Red Wing Shoe Company began to sense a reoccurring theme in their consumer correspondence. Numerous consumers were writing Red Wing suggesting they should create a boot that offered the superior construction, function and fit as their world famous work boots, but could be used by consumers on the weekends for outdoor recreation. They wanted a boot for play.

Remember this was the decade when the young baby boomers began their quest to get back to nature. So sensing an opportunity to serve an untapped market; Red Wing created the outdoor boot line. When searching for a name for this new line of hiking and backpacking boots, it looked to its own backyard; Minnesota and the Mississippi River. The mighty river flowed right past the corporate headquarters back door and some 300 miles north of Red Wing, laid the unspoiled boundary waters of northern Minnesota. Both of these famous waterways were once home to the original North American backpackers: the French Voyagers. Hence the name chosen for the new line was "Voyager". The Voyager name was used until 1972 when a trademark conflict arose with another footwear company. Being practical Minnesotans, and not wishing to spend money foolishly on legal fees, Red Wing opted to find an alternative name. The only caveat was the new brand name had to begin with the letter "V". Again this was a practical choice as the existing boots carried the "V" prominently. Most of the hiking boots sold at the time were made in Europe. So the new brand name had to have a European heritage while being tied to hiking. Some bright young marketer looked at a map of Europe and noted the Basque region along the France and Spain border. The "V" replaced the "B" and the Vasque brand was born. Now 35 years later Vasque is one of the most respected brands of outdoor footwear.

Vasque, is one of the famous brands offered at Famous Brands Outlet.

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